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20 July 2008 @ 05:41 pm
I haven't played FF in probably a week. After all that build up of trying to get things done, i got disappointed. ClanD had the minotaur run planned for a Wed. a while back and then it got changed to Sat. but people still did the Wed. run too. So i ended up not going to the Wed. one cause a friend came over since i didn't play FF.

Then the Sat. run was supposed to be at 6:30, but the person who planned it had people over and posted a message they would be about 30 mins late. So i prepared myself the day before so when i got on i would be ready, and was already in the safehold on time. 2 other people were there around the time it was supposed to start. 7 comes around, no one else, no person who planned it yet. I'm like its cool i'll just wait for the person to find out whats up, even though it was planned for 6:30 and only 3 of us were there outta 12 we would need. Finally, its about 9 and no one else showed up and the person who planned it still didn't show up, so i just said kcuf it and logged out.

I haven't played since then cause i really had no desire to after that. Another disappointment before that was when Wilhem tried to help me beat the Shadowlord since he was already in the Castle helping someone else with a AF NM. I invis/sneak all through the place, so no fights getting there. He's 75 pld/war i'm 55 drg/blu and we lost. He realized he should've subbed a mage job while he waited for me and i realized i should've checked my blu spells to be Magical instead of Physical. Although i probably should've just used my mp to healing breath him only, but i think my wyvern died too fast for that to be effective. But either way i appreciate the fact that he tried to help me.

So the last 2 things i've "done" in game were disappointments. That took a lot of desire to play from me. I know when i get back on its right back to leveling smn and farming. I'm sure one day soon i'll play again.
07 July 2008 @ 03:13 pm



I'm gonna try and give the condensed version:
-Gathered in Jueno with 4 ClanD members + 1 non member to give out Animas for Promyvion-Dem run
-Had an almost perfect and fast run through promy (no fake MR's, hardly any blank MR's, only 1 death and that was on 4th floor right near zone line)
-Totally smashed promy boss (broke record, i dont think anyone 2hr'd...)
-Half party left / Half was in meadows including myself
-The 3 of us re-armored/job switched at Selbina
-Went through Meadows to safehold
-Got other mission CS's, and did quest for map of safehold and what not
-Waited around doing nothing for about 1-2 hrs deciding on what to do next
-Went back to sandy, gathered 50 cap stuff and waited around for 5-1 mision party setup
-Had 4, got D/Ced, said to meet up at outpost, no one there yet, wait 1hr, warp back to sandy
-Another 1hr wait or so and finally 6/6 party for 5-1 mission
-I outpost warp to glacier, the rest Tele V
-Wait around for them, whm leaves after Tele V
-Wait around for another whm
-Someone forgets key item, wait around longer for them to finish
-At same time someone has to go pickup new whm (no repose...)
-Beat 5-1 boss with only 1 death, warp back to sandy and finish mission

Damn that was a lot. There was soooooo much waiting around it was ridiculous. But finishing Promy-Dem and my 5-1 sandy mission were 2 things on my To Do List that i got done in 1 night. Its funny how during my Dem run someone asked if i needed 5-1 anyway. I was upset at the time for not being able to, knowing how long i've needed it and what are the chances of someone asking during my promy run.

Minus all the waiting and stupid stuff everything was successful. Now i'm ready to go on the Minotaur run, it was planned for Wed. but might be switched to Sat. or maybe two runs. Either way i'm going to try and go so i can get it out the way too. Maybe still have a chance for Drg JSE subligar and/or codex for Swift Belt. Now i gotta update my To Do List.

**** Many thanks to Nitone,Pileomeat,Orakyl,Neilious,Wurrzag,Wheatthins,Zelnhes,Mathilias, and Firemaster*(i think that was their name)****
04 July 2008 @ 02:16 pm
I started to farm stuff by using a quest instead of the AH so i didn't have to worry bout fees or waiting. I noticed the time when i started and after 1 hour of farming I managed to make about 20k. So 20k in a hour is my rate of income if its accurate all the time.

Knowing this, i can consider it when buying items off the AH in relation to NM drop items. Like Mist Silk Cape, it costs ~20k, so i could spend 1hr of farming and buy it out right off the AH. Or camping the NM for 1hr+ and only have a slight chance for it to drop, and i could probably get a stack of silk thread to sell for 9-10k. But time is money in FFXI. If i spend that 1hr+ camping and NOT get the item to drop then i would've only got 9-10k for my hour of playing time. While if i just farmed to begin with, i could've got the 20k, bought the item, and continued with whatever i was doing.

So before i ever go camp another NM for an item i will compare how much it costs to how much i can make in relation to its spawn time / drop rate.


Leveled Summoner up 2 more levels. It's now 16. 4 more levels til i can do the Avatar fights, and then with Ramuh do the Shooting Fish BCNM for some Mannequin Pieces. I still want a Mannequin ever since I got the Feet off a Garrison an extremely long time ago when i first played. After all that i'll probably do Whm to 18/20 and then Blm. I thought they could all share relatively the same equipment, but really Blm would have a lot different setup if i went with the Int pieces. We'll see how that goes though. Maybe one day i'll decide to take all the jobs to 18/20.


With my new farming possibilty i realized how much money i could have. I ended up having enough for a Scorpion Harness even though i'm not 57 yet. Then when i thought about buying it when there was 4-5 up, the next time around there was 0. So instead i sold my Unyielding / Garrulous Rings and switched over to Dual Woodsman's instead. Selling the Unyielding back almost covered the cost of 1 of the Woodsman's entirely. So now my ring's don't need to be upgraded for an extremely long time. I first looked to buy em and they were 130k each, this time around they were about 90-100k. So my Drg is upgraded a little.


I'm trying to get a Promyvion-Dem run organized on the ClanDestine site. So hopefully i can finally finish them off and be ready for the Minotaur fight which ClanDestine already had planned. I farmed up the Recollections needed so i'm just waiting to get people together. Here's hoping all goes as planned. I might even get the Drg JSE + Codex but not too worried bout that.


That's pretty much all thats been going on. Its kinda nice having the Limit Break on my Drg locked since it gives me a reason to do other things in-game that i need to catch up on or just to take a break from grinding on Drg. No pics for this entry because they were kinda useless.
01 July 2008 @ 05:59 pm
Yep, i actually joined an XP party for once. But wait.....it was on Samurai. Not only was it an xp party but it was an xp party with members of ClanDestine, my new LS. Wilhem was asking ppl if they wanted a party on the LS and i said i had samurai at 25 but my equipment was on a mule. He got Maera to join him and took over as leader. After switching gear around i asked if they needed me still and decided to go. Of course as i said that the airship in Sandy was pulling away. Long wait.....Stop in jueno for food....long wait....while in flight to kazham Signet wears off!!!!! Immediately fly back.....long wait....fly back....can't find Home Crystal in kazham for about 5 mins since i've only been there once. Finally join the party.

Party setup: me(sam), Maera (drg), Wilhem (brd), Takeryu (pld), Perseus / Phoenikas (one was definitely sch, the other was either whm,blm,rdm i can't remember). Great great party. I ended up getting 2 levels without even using my Emperor Band.

This is one of the exact reasons why i wanted to join a LS like ClanDestine. Coincedently i think Phoenikas used to be a ClanD member and long time friend of Wilhem and Maera, and Takeryu and Perseus were in the same LS as each other or it was Phoenikas and Takeryu i can't remember. Either way it was a great party all around, and everyone said the same thing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

30 June 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Did the celestial nights event the other night. Ended up just getting the tree thing for Zankuro, the tree and 2 yukatas for Zlatan, and just the tree for Monsterfeet. It was a pretty lame event. Good thing was it didn't cost me any money. I didn't feel it was worth the effort to get the yukata for Zankuro or Monsterfeet, since it would just be more slots, and the fireworks aren't great enough for me to need more then 99 at a time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mog Bonzana numbers were given today. Out of 14 total marbles i got 2 xp scrolls. 1 on Zankuro and 1 on Zlatan. Obviously the 1 on Zlatan is useless but oh well. At least i got my inventory space back. I can't believe some people on the forums are complaining about not winning or the drawing being rigged. I doubt SE will do this once a year, but maybe the 10 yr anniversary will have it. Oh well, i'm not rich, and still need to farm for stuff.
26 June 2008 @ 02:34 pm
I decided after I got 55 Dragoon to take a break from leveling it for obvious reasons. I got so much to do before I feel the need to level it up more. One of those things was leveling up other jobs + subjobs. I decided i was gonna level Smn,Whm, and Blm first, to at least 20. I'll probably level Whm to 37 one day but for now i just want to get all the related jobs to equal levels so they can share equipment and i can try to save space.

So i'm starting with Smn and i'm trying to do low budget leveling by getting items from NM's that i could use, while using some items i already had. Here's some pics.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This one was just found during farming. The other person is from ClanDestine too i just don't think they realized i was, but they helped me farm a little, and i gave them some items too. 

I also decided to check out my graphics and what not since i really thought my game looked like crap. Since i made the switch to PC i like running it in the official Windowed mode still so i can look up stuff if i need to. I messed around with a lot of different setups and i really think it made a difference.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


We'll say how it works out or if i decide to change anything else. I'm running my desktop on 1024 x 768, but I decided on 800 x 600 for FFXI. Unforunately to make my LJ look nice i had to scale down the pics as usual so i think it took away from the quality, also i think from changing them from ~1.5mb BMP's to 60kb JPG's and then sending them through Photobucket turns em into crap too. But in game i think i can really tell the difference from the tweaks i've made.

MOG BONANZA IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!! (not that i'll win anything....)
--It'll be nice to get my inventory space back.
22 June 2008 @ 11:29 pm
The night i got the pearl into ClanDestine i decided to try the Helm Beetles in the Western Altepa part of QSC again. I ended up getting to about 600xp to 55 and died. So needing 1.3k to 55, i just went and did Campaign for a little while.

So finally Lv.55 Dragoon.

There are so many things on my to do list in-game, and since I need to do my next limit break before i can get 56+ i decided now would be a good time to try and finish things on my list. Partially because after i bought the Lv.55 items for my Dragoon i became broke. Only about 40k left.

I decided i was gonna level my mage jobs up to equal levels so they could share equipment to try and simplify inventory. Starting with Smn, then probably Whm, and finally Blm.

Before i touch Dragoon again i plan on leveling as many of the useful jobs to 37 as possible, while finishing the to do list (they are part of the list anyway). Hopefully i'll be able to make money for Dragoon and in the process simplifying all equipment sets between the jobs.
21 June 2008 @ 03:16 pm
Since my last LS ended I haven't really been into the FF community in-game since I solo so much. I looked on the official FFXI LS site for popular LS i could possibly join, and ClanDestine and Bladesingers seemed like the most popular. I never bothered doing anything with that information, but i asked on the ffxi wiki / alla forums about a popular LS. The Wiki cerberus forum is dead so i got no reply, and on Alla someone mentioned Bladesingers.

So i looked back into the official LS site and noticed Bladesingers had less people. I ended up /tell Junpei of Bladesingers in game and asked bout it. They said they are kinda rebuilding and some of their people went to ClanDestine. I asked if they knew anything bout ClanDestine, and they said it was a good,popular,cool LS.

I decided to look for the names of the Sack holders, and noticed Wilhem was online. I proceeded to ask bout the LS and ended up meeting up with em in Kuftal Tunnel and was given a pearl. Finally, i got a new LS, and one that has enough people AND a website so that maybe i can get some things done. It'll also be nice to be apart of the community on here so I can make my game experience more fun.

Gotta say thanks again to Wilhem for the pearl.
20 June 2008 @ 11:38 am
I was bored last night so i decided to try Campaign again. I'm still a 54 drg/blu so i'm pretty much useless in Campaign. Since the maintenance the Beastmen control everything in the Past so a lot of people were in Southern San d'Oria in the Past because a lot of Campaign Battles were happening there. I decided it would be cool to be able to fight in Sandy so i just went to mess around. I get crap xp/an so i more or less did it for fun. I did change to /whm Lv.13 lol so i could help a little more with Cure II's and stuff. I ended up getting decent xp one time but oh well. It was interesting to see all the different mobs showing up, along with about 3 groups of npcs at a time, and 20-30 regular people fighting at once. I took lots of pics since i had nothing better to do. I can't wait til Lv.60+ when i can actually be somewhat effective to a degree, and have more fun.

I also tried getting on right after the maintenance and thought to myself maybe i could go get the Peacock Amulet since no one would be on really. Man was i wrong. Maintenance was supposed to be over at 4pm est i think but it actually was over at like 3:55 or something. When i got on less then 100 people were on total, and i was in Sandy. I did a search for the Maze, and 3 people were already there. So i didn't even bother, but i did go and kill the 2 NM warmachines in the Outpost and Ashmaker in the Grotto......no drops........

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 I haven't played FF for a while now. I went on vacation with the family for about 4-5 days and the next day or so after I got home Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan so it took over me. Its an amazing game, i'd give it a 10. I'll probably play it a lot more but i beat it for the first time already, so i"ll hop back on FF more then likely in the next few days. 

FF Version Update - Once again a big update that means very little to me. All the cool new things are for high level people as usual so i wasn't nearly as excited about it like everyone else. Just more endgame stuff for me to not have and have to worry about getting when i do get high level.